Displayless Ghost VR Setup with Virtual Desktop

With the below setup, I run 2D games on massive VR Screens at 1920x1080 at 120FPS. The main monitor runs 120hz while the headset runs 90hz and there is no noticeable tearing or desync.

The Gear

PC Specs

VR HMD & Accessories

Required Software

Extras (Humble Brag)

The Setup


  • First things first, put the energizer batteries into your controllers and plug in the headset, and follow Cortana's 5 minute instructions on setup.

  • After your room is setup, position the pulley's so that the last one before the cord reaches your headset is about 2 feet behind the center of your play space. Centering it in your play space actually causes cord entanglement issues, I found out the hardway.

  • On a regular monitor, install Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR, you'll need it to play steam games, it's also what allows you to access the steam games from the Windows Cliff House.

  • Purchase and install Virtual Desktop next.

  • Launch Virtual Desktop either from Steam on your desktop, or from the Cliffhouse (cliffhouse will close when other VR apps open).

  • Mirror my settings below, or set them to whatever you are comfortable with.

***note, make sure you have Start When Windows Starts enabled!

  • Open Mixed Reality Portal, Goto Settings, Headset Display, Experience Options and Set the Visual Quality to VERY HIGH BETA.

  • Then under Experience Options, change it to 90hz.

  • Close Virtual Desktop, SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality (Closing just Windows Mixed Reality should shut the others down also as well as put the headset to low power mode).

  • Power off your PC

  • Unplug your physical monitor(s) and plug in the 2 Display Ports and 1 HDMI port.

  • Boot your PC.

  • In less than a minute you should see your headset come on, at which point you can put it on and be in Virtual Desktop with 3 monitors.


  • I setup Chroma profiles on my Razer Keyboard/Mouse/Orbweaver to do different effects depending on the state of Virtual Desktop. For instance, the default Chroma proifle is that EVERYTHING breathes red. It does this while windows is booting, but as soon as windows launches Virtual Desktop, the Chroma profile switches to Virtual Desktop and everything changes to a Breathing Green instead. (Red = it's not ready, Green = All systems go).

  • But what about just shutting off VR and not wanting to power down the PC? I have bound my PAUSE key on my keyboard to launch Virtual Desktop and on all Chroma Profiles, this key stays a static Blue color. What this does is let me close VR when I don't want to use PC, then when I come back to it, I hit the blue key and it launches Virtual Desktop.


  • Keep a physical monitor handy. Just for those cases that windows doesn't boot, you can unplug your HDMI and plug in your regular monitor and troubleshoot.

  • It will take a bit of gettng used to, to not see your hands while you are typing and gaming, but it really only lasts a day or so. Eventually you have muscle memory for where everything is at.