Welcome to ARK: Survival of LanAssasin

SERVER ADDRESS: ark.lanassassin.com

The Sitch

  • On ALL of our servers, the toughness of Dinos is increased as well as the number of dinos. This isn't your Grandma's ARK server. You're likely going to die A LOT at the beginning.

  • Dino's will refresh on all servers every 4 days. So all WILD dinos will be wiped and new ones will respawn every 4 days.

  • We run server events a little longer than official servers do, just to give everyone a little more time with the event since we are all so busy. Server events will start on the official server start dates, or pretty close to them and usually run a few weeks longer than official servers.

  • At the Island in Zone 3 follow the beach north-west up to a river and then continue to follow the river north-west to coordinates 69x69. You will come across a hunting lodge on a hill with everything you need to get started. Take what you need only, and restock what you can when you can for the next traveler. There are MANY tribes scattered across all the ARKS and especially on the Island. Feel free to use this lodge as a safe haven for starting out, it should have food and supplies until you can get established elsewhere, but do not make this a permanent home.

  • We try to keep everything updated, and get to updates asap. If thing are down or in need of updating, please be patient, we all have regular jobs and families and will get around to it.

  • No douchiness, I know it's PvE, but any type of douchbagery will be banned, no if's and's or's or but's. Whenever you're about to do something, ask yourself, would a douchebag do this? If they would, then do not do that thing.

Connection Guide

  • Join the discord

  • In steam, goto the view menu >> servers and click on the favorites tab.

  • In the bottom right, click Add Server and type ark.lanassassin.com.

  • Press the "Find Games at this location" button.

  • Add all of the maps/servers shown to your favorites.

  • Launch Ark

  • Press Join

  • Filter to your favorites and join The Island.

Available Arks

All the Arks below will carry over your inventory if travelled to via Obelisk. Upload your dino's or take them in cryo pods. Tribes do not carry over so you will need to form new tribes after spawning. Also, you must own the DLC's on steam to travel to these ARKs.